Fast, Accurate Medical Information,
Just Say the Word

aRNi is a small touchscreen monitor that can be placed on a wall or desktop. It works similarly to household digital assistants: just say “aRNi,” followed by a question, and aRNi will provide answers and options via voice and a touchscreen. aRNi draws its data directly from Lippincott Procedures and Lexicomp, providing accurate and relevant information on pharmacology, treatments, complications, and side effects. The user can then ask follow-up questions and navigate menus by speaking or using the touchscreen.

aRNi improves upon typical search engine and Internet searches by using industry-standard resources, up-to-date data, and carefully curated AI responses designed to reduce ambiguity and inconsistencies. Installed in proximity to patient care areas, aRNi allows practitioners to access, examine, and apply vital information right where it’s needed.

aRNi can also be used to navigate hospital policies, nursing procedures, and organization-specific information.

Our Creators

Creating a more informed and efficient nurse

Access critical drug and treatmen information more quickly and efficiently with the aRNi system, from Creations 86.

aRNi is a customizable, hands-free virtual assistant that allows nurses and other clinicians to ask a wide variety of patient-related questions in the healthcare environment and receive answers from predetermined clinical data sets at the point of care.

Designed for use in any clinical environment where patients receive care

aRNi is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, urgent care facilities, surgical centers, critical care transport, and home care.

  • Gain instant point-of-care access to accurate, up-to-date medical information.
  • Leverage new tools and resources to serve patients in critical situations.
  • Create an audit trail for analytics and risk management, reducing costs and risks.
  • Continuously improve patient care and satisfaction through AI and increased data analytics.